How to get to Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum

About Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum

This is the Hakutsuru Brewery Museum, a sake brewery museum in Kobe’s Higashi Beach, which, like Kyoto’s Fushimi district, is also famous for its breweries. The Kiku-Masamune Sake Brewery Memorial Museum, which can be found everywhere in Japan, is also located nearby.

How to get there

5 minutes on foot from Hanshin Sumiyoshi Station 15 minutes on foot from JR Sumiyoshi Station 10 minutes by car from Hankyu Mikage Station

4-5-5 Sumiyoshi Minamimachi, Higashidan-ku


Kobe is the home of sake in Japan, and the sake producing area of Nishinomiya is known as Nadagogo. There are many famous sake breweries in the area, and when you get off at Sumiyoshi Station on the Hanshin Line, the street is filled with the sweet and creamy smell of sake malt. Shirakuru is quite large in the area, and the information museum is free, offering a brief introduction to the sake making process and free sake tasting, and for 300 yen you can have sake ice cream topped with yuzu wine.

It takes a little patience and comprehension to see this museum. The entire museum is logically arranged by the procedure of sake brewing, but there is no very clear route. There is information in Chinese at the entrance that explains what each step is for, but since there are many differences between Chinese and Japanese, not everything corresponds well, and the exhibits are individually adjusted, it makes you even more confused. I can still understand it with a little bit of effort. Almost every step of the exhibit has a monitor, and when you press the English button, the English version will be played, and only English and Japanese are available. Since the key words in the brewing steps (mash and such) are too non-mainstream, you can’t really understand them, but you can guess a lot just by looking at the images, so you can still look at them.

The museum generally lets you try five kinds of wine, two kinds of daiginjo and three kinds of fruit wine. Not including tax 5000 can be tax-free, after the exemption is not every one of them are cost-effective, some are not as good as the supermarket not free. Anyway, well, compare the prices more. Ice cream is really good, 300 a box, you can take it back to the wine tasting place to pour fruit wine to eat. The salesperson doesn’t necessarily tell you, but that’s what people mean by pouring yuzu wine in the comments. There are Chinese employees, the sister of the northeast, very enthusiastic, you can talk well.

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