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About Stir-fried meat and vegetables Vegiro

Vejiro is a restaurant specializing in stir-fried vegetables that is popular for its gutsy Jiro-style flavor.

It has been attracting attention as “Jiro-style stir-fried vegetables” and “Evolutionary Vegetable Stir-fry.

While the menu is rich in vegetables, it is characterized by the gutsy and thick taste of back fat.

Food Supply Co., Ltd. which operates Vejiro has a vision of “creating a new distribution system for vegetables” and is developing businesses that connect producers, restaurants, and consumers, such as a drive-through grocery store.

When I entered the restaurant, I found the kitchen busily preparing stir-fried vegetables for the orders that were already coming in one after another. The flames and aroma were just like in Machinuka, but the difference was the overwhelming quantity of vegetables. A huge amount of cabbage, bean sprouts, onions, carrots, etc. were being stir-fried all at once.

Purchases are made with an automatic ticket vending machine. Take-out orders are also available.
The inside of the restaurant is bright and clean.

I ordered the stir-fried meat and vegetable set meal!

It comes with a hearty portion of stir-fried meat and vegetables topped with fried bean curd, rice, and soup.

I chose the so-called “normal” amount of meat (100g), vegetables (400g), and back fat (20g), which is medium oil (20g). The rice is served in small portions.

Freshly prepared hot stir-fried meat and vegetables. Vejiro’s stir-fried meat and vegetables is characterized by the fact that it is fried chicken, not pork.

The fried meat is soft and fluffy. It is cut into bite-sized pieces that are easy to eat and can be mixed with vegetables.

I enjoyed the food quite a bit, but, however, there seems to be no precedent for a restaurant that specializes only in stir-fried vegetables.

Combined with an interesting experiment, “Vejiro” offers gutsy and tasty stir-fried vegetables. I highly recommend this restaurant. If you have a chance to visit Shibuya, please give it a try!



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