I tried to eat at Fuji Soba/Japanese standing Soba restaurant

About Fuji Soba

Fuji Soba is a standing noodle chain with 117 outlets in Tokyo and three other prefectures.

Actually”standing udon noodle” has long been unfavorable in the Tokyo area, because Tokyo is a “soba town. This is because Tokyo is a “soba town.

In the past, there were many soba restaurants in the Tokyo area, but no udon restaurants at all. In addition, for some reason, people in the Tokyo area had a class consciousness that “soba is one step above udon.

I felt a kind of silent pressure to order soba if I was at a standing-only noodle shop, and there were times when I would order soba as if I were being swept along with the flow.

But now I can say with certainty, “I like Fuji Soba’s udon noodles. I like Fuji Soba’s udon noodles. Fuji Soba’s udon has a complete taste and a receptiveness that only 100% wheat flour can provide.

Fuji soba

soba with duck meat and vegetables


Kake: 270 yen
Mori: 270 yen
Zaru 360 yen
Special mori 470 yen
Fuji mori 560 yen


This is a manly soba restaurant from the looks of it~~~

We took a red-eye flight to Tokyo and arrived at Toei Mita Station, where our hotel was located, after 6pm.

We were all hungry from the lack of food on the way.

So we wanted to eat something before we arrived at the hotel.

But at six o’clock in the morning, there were not many stores open except for convenience stores.

There was a soba noodle store at Mita Station, so I started to feel my stomach growling as I watched from the window.

I’ll go in and eat before I say anything else!

(There are various noodle samples in the window, so you can order them if you don’t speak Japanese, and there is also a small selection of rice.)

Before eating, buy a meal ticket from the ticket machine at the entrance.

After that, just put the coupon at the counter and give it to the chef.

Because I didn’t want my stomach to get cold early in the morning, I ordered soba noodles with hot soup.

A big ball of tempura with wild vegetables on top, plus a hot spring egg

The friends on the trip thought it tasted pretty good

But I personally may not be used to eating soba noodles in soup (I still love ramen ah)

So I think the taste is not bad, but this is the difference of personal taste!

Tempura must be eaten quickly, otherwise it will be disgusting after soaking in the noodle soup.

I did not finish the soup after I arrived XDDDDD

Hot spring eggs are really delicious~~~(miss)

Whole broken and eaten with noodles is also delicious.

Only later did I learn that the famous Fuji Soba soba noodles also have a branch in Taiwan!

So in fact, you can eat it in Taiwan XDDDD

But in Japan is a very affordable chain (probably similar to Matsuya chain)

Once you enter the door, you find that only men are eating hahaha ~

Because it’s open 24 hours a day, travelers who can’t find anything to eat at an awkward time can consider looking for this soba store!

But if it were me, I would leave my stomach for more Japanese food!



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