【Shinjuku】Ichiran Ramen kabukicho

Where are they Located?

They are located in the middle of Kabukicho in Shinjuku.

There are many shops in the main street , but since the red signboard jumps into the eyes, you will not get miss them.

A merchandise section is at the first floor of the store.

Ticket vending machine as well as multilingual correspondence.

There is a board that shows the empty seat.

There is  “eating concentration counter”, and how to order ramen is as usual. Of course, such as noodles and soup used in ramen, drinking water (using a special filtering device, it is also used as water for boiling noodles), etc. have been checked severely. Since all Ichiru are directly managed stores, there is no taste different for each shop.

Choose the hardness of noodles etc

Pork bone soup with no smell and rigid thin noodles are very tasty.

Tonkotsu ramen has no smell and easy to eat soup. It is said that the female ratio is higher than other ramen shops.


Ichiran Ramen kabukicho

B1F CR.B&V Bld, 1-17-10 Kabukicho, Shinjuku Tokyo
Open Hour: 10:00AM – Next Day 6:00 AM
Close: No holidays
Credit Card: Not Available
Seats: 25 Seats
Smoking: No smoking allowed


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