I tried to eat Nakau/ Japanese bowl meal restaurant

About Nakau

Nakau was founded in 1969. It started out as a handmade udon restaurant, but has expanded its menu to this day. In addition to oyakodon, the restaurant offers a variety of other dishes such as kaisen chirashi donburi, Japanese beef donburi, katsudon, unaju, premium beef curry, udon with grated sudachi, and chilled tantan tan udon. Put it all together and you have a bowl of rice topped with udon noodles!

Nakau began serving oyakodon in 1994. Since then, the oyakodon has remained the mainstay of the restaurant’s menu, even as it has expanded its offerings. Even with changes in management and policies, oyakodon has remained an important part of Nakaudo’s menu. It has created the image of Nakau as an oyako-don restaurant.

Nakau udon noodles


Small 390 yen, medium 590 yen, large 690 yen

How to order

Many stores use touch-screen ticket vending machines to purchase tickets.
You put your meal ticket out on the counter and have it made. When it is ready, you will be called.

Udon noodles with asari butter

When the product arrived, it smelled like butter.

I wondered what the black thing on the right was at first, but it was probably a shell container.

Butter is on the udon noodles.

The ingredients are green onions and clams. The green onions are a bit much. The soup is a little cloudy and white, and the yellowish color floating on the surface is butter oil? The udon noodles are probably the same as regular udon noodles, but I think they were overcooked or a little soft.

The soup is normal. The clams were also normal clams. I wasn’t expecting much, but it was a very high quality dish, as is typical of Nakau. I was surprised that the soup was more complete than I expected.

You may be more satisfied if you order this when you want something salted buttery rather than clams.


This is a fast food restaurant that is open 24 hours. I have eaten there several times and I think it is good.

Then, we went to one near Nagoya Station. There, after taking a picture of Mitsuo Fujino, we took a picture with Kenichi Ikemori.

After the meal, we went back to Nagoya station to meet Yuukari. There, I passed by the statue of Takato. How many meters tall is it?

I don’t know.

Just know that when we took a picture with her, our heads only reached the knees of her legs.

Eucalyptus had not eaten yet. So, went to a restaurant. There, I took a picture with Yukari.

Mitsuo Fujino is going to teach at a university in Hanoi, Vietnam around May. He is going to Shizuoka for a month of training before his appointment, and will leave tomorrow.

So, when it was almost five o’clock, at the Fountain of Hope, I said, “Go back and get some rest, and I’ll see you in Hanoi, Vietnam sometime.”



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