【eating】KobianⅠ,very famous and reasonable restaurant in Abiko,Chiba.

About Kobian

Kobian Ⅰ is very famous and reasonable restaurant in Abiko,Chiba.
A long-established Western-style restaurant in Abiko City, Chiba Prefecture, which has been interviewed on TV many times.
The menchikatsu set meal, chicken sauté set meal and chicken cutlet set meal all cost just one coin and change.
The lunch is famous locally for being beyond reasonable.
Of course, you can also enjoy a good dinner.

For me, my grandpa often took me there. It was good memory.

Since It is often quite crowded lunch time, it is a high probability that you need to wait.

In the night ,They will be fun restaurant where you can enjoy beer, wine, and eat a variety sipping sour.

They are very wide so you can feel at ease.

It is quite crowded even early afternoon. from Students to elderly people,their quality of customers are very variety.

You may be surprised that their “price is also reasonable.
Most of menu is from 300 yen to 400 yen.
And very very delicious!

They are very fashionable layout and high ceilings, which makes yourself at home.

Their recommended menu is hamburger,  Neapolitan and sandwiches.

I love the “homemade pizza” of Kobian.

Reasonable and, it is the taste that insanely impressed.

This is salmon fly set meal 390 yen. I do not believe 390 yen this volume.

Compatibility with tartar sauce is the preeminent nice.

Try to taste if you come.

How to get there

No. 2 shop is located nearby,and also popular.

Both are near from the south exit JR Abiko Station.

Kobian Ⅰ

2-4−10 honcho Abiko city Chiba


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