I tried to eat Sukiya/Japanese beef bowl chain restaurant

About Sukiya

Sukiya is a beef bowl chain operated by Zensho, which is listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. All of its restaurants are directly managed, and it operates throughout Japan from Hokkaido to Kyushu and Okinawa. Its name also comes from “sukiyaki,” one from “sukiyaki,” and the other from “sukiya,” or “favorite house.

Sukiya was developed as a new category of “suburban family beef bowl restaurant” in order to attract a wide range of customers, including not only men but also women and families. The first keyword, “suburban-type,” means that Sukiya is aggressively expanding into suburban roadside areas, where there have been few gyudon restaurants in the past. For the second keyword, “family”, we are devising restaurant layouts and menus to accommodate a wide range of customers.

We purchase our meat, vegetables, and rice with thorough traceability. We use beef from Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico, which have world-class quality control and safety management, and we even control the cultivation status and pesticide use records for our vegetables.

Gyudon(beef bowl)

The taste is sweeter and more intense than Yoshinoya or Matsuya.
That makes me thirsty.


Mini: 330 yen. Medium: 550 yen. Medium: 550 yen. Large: 550 yen.

Extra large: 700 yen.

Beef bowl (Negitama, three kinds of cheese, kimchi, etc.)
Curry (beef on rice, three kinds of cheese, hamburger steak, etc.)
Special rice bowls (pork tenderloin, go-moku ankake, tuna tataki, etc.)
Set meals (grated hamburger steak, beef plate, tonjiru salmon, etc.)
Breakfast (set meal)
Children’s menu (children’s beef bowl, children’s curry)
Side Menu
Dessert & Drinks

Pork curry

The curry roux was more spicy than I expected, and the spiciness ran through my mouth.

Eel bowl(Unadon)

Because of the price, I thought it would contain smaller eels.
I was surprised at the size, which seemed surprisingly satisfying.

The sauce was not too sweet nor too spicy, and seemed to be suitable for everyone. The eel itself was well seasoned.


First of all, mt rate is like NAKAU>SUKIYA>YOSHINOYA>MATSUYA
So I’d probably count Nakau as the leanest and thinnest beef of the four, with the most broth, the sweeter, and the softest onions.
But it’s also the least meaty of the four.
On history.
Yoshinoya has the longest history, founded in 1899
Matsuya was founded in 1966
Nakau was founded in 1969 in Osaka
Sukiya is the youngest, founded in 1982



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