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About Shishiro

Now Shishiro is the No.1 in the revolving sushi industry, started in the Kansai region and successfully entered the Kanto-Tokyo market, and you can also eat it in Taiwan! Basically, all the sushi restaurants are in the factory to cut the ingredients and send them to the store, and then the machine will knead the vinegar rice and put the ingredients on it. But in Japan, sushi-ro (su-shi-ro sushi) breaks the norm, so the ingredients are delivered to the store and then sliced, although the store is not handled by professional sushi chefs, but the freshness is still a little more delicious than other chains!

Recommended for “those who want to eat delicately and are willing to wait patiently in line”.

The ingredients are fresh!

The food is fresh! Although the quantity of each sushi vinegar rice is smaller than other chains, the vinegar rice is the first among the three chains. It’s almost always full at mealtime, so be prepared to wait in line!




First, we searched #Kappa Sushi, #Sushiro, #Kura Sushi, and #Hama Sushi on Instagram. We ranked the number of photo posts for each. Here are the results!

No. 1 Sushiro 133,596
No. 2 Kura Sushi 104,081
No. 3 Hamazushi 53,348
No. 4 Kappa Sushi 27,384

Sushiro is overwhelmingly No. 1! Kappa Sushi is unexpectedly at the bottom ……. Why is that?

The posted photos reveal the strengths of each restaurant.
The search results screen on Instagram is lined with posted photos. The photos posted on the Instagram search results page show the characteristics of what is popular at each restaurant.

Sushiro seems to have a high percentage of sweets such as French toast and parfaits in their posts. I remember that when I ate sweets at Sushiro before, I wondered if it was really a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant. I was so impressed with the high level of taste that I wondered if it was really a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant. If you want to enjoy dessert at the end of the meal, Sushiro is the place to go.



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