【gourmet】I tried to eat a cup of ramen “Tsuta”.

I tried to eat the Seven Premium Japanese Soba Noodles “Tsuta”.This is Soy sauce Soba as a topic of black truffle fragrant soy sauce ramen.
This is “Seven Premium Soy Sauce Soba” released from Maruchan (Toyo Suisan) on September 11, 2017.

The Noodle looks like this. This product reproduces the popular menu of “Japanese Soba Noodles” which is a popular shop in Tokyo, Sugamo. Calories are 423 kcal.

I opened it

It contains four seasonings such as liquid soup, soy sauce, specially-made oil, and Menma. Menma is a raw type.

Put the hot water and wait.

You can see that the chicken fat is glaring. A group of yellow oil floats in the middle. This is a specially made oil and the flavor of the truffle is firm.

The noodles are slightly thin non-fried noodles. It is fine noodles, but it also has a solid feel and a smooth texture and crispy texture. As it was just cup noodles, it was still disappointing compared to the store.

The impression I tried eating, but the smell of black truffles is strong. There is a small size of the topped pork, but it was soft and well-seasoned.

Menma is soft and delicious. Soup is soy sauce soup that feels elegance.

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