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About Ramen Jiro

Ramen Jiro is a ramen restaurant established in 1968 in Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo.

The ramen was served in a fatty pork bone broth seasoned with soy sauce sauce, filled with a generous portion of homemade noodles with a strong wheat flavor, and piled high with tender, thickly sliced pork chashu pork, boiled cabbage, and bean sprouts.

This is the original Jiro-style ramen.

As the ramen became popular among students and businessmen alike, disciples of the original began to replicate the taste of the original ramen, calling themselves “Ramen Jiro” and spreading it throughout the country.

Since the taste differed slightly from one store to another, the term “Jiro-kei Ramen,” which is derived from the “Jiro” in the shop name, is said to have been used as a generic term for the ramen.


The waiter will ask, “Do you want garlic? ”

Vegetables include a little cabbage.
The rice noodles are thick.
The rice noodles are thick and firm.

Two huge chunks of meat under the vegetables, wow. Gutsy meat!
Thank you for the feast!

The taste was very satisfying, with a strong pork bone flavor in a punchy soy sauce-based broth!

I don’t know why I keep coming back to Jiro’s ramen after a few days.
That rich and sharp soup may become a bit addictive!



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