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About Enji Nidaime

Enji Nidaime” is located a one-minute walk from the north exit of JR Nakano Station.

The restaurant is made entirely of counter seats!

The signature dish is “Veggie Potato Tsukemen,” which has been featured in various magazines!

It is a thick soup like a potage of slowly simmered pork bones, chicken bones, seafood, and other ingredients and vegetable broth!

Veggie Potato-Tsukemen

The noodles are made of wheat germ kneaded into flavorful, glutinous noodles.

The germ noodles also contain vitamins and minerals, making them a popular ramen for women.

The soup is very clayey and has a thick texture, which is no wonder, they use yam to produce this clay.

Inside is chashu pork, bamboo shoots, green onions, mitsuba, etc., etc.

It is almost impossible to tell whether it is the pork or the yam that gives the soup its rich texture.

It is very tasty.



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