They are called ” tonikaku”.

They are located from just outside of the east exit of Matsudo.

about 4, 5 minutes from the Joban Line Matsudo Station east exit.

You eat without line up if you come 2pm-5pm.

there is a menu in front of the shop so It is good to choose ramen before entering.

buy a meal ticket first. There are about 15 seats surrounded the kitchen.

Their Clerk are also very kind to customer. 

I ate 780 yen dipping noodle. pig bone based fish soup. it is a mild taste.

noodles is very delicious. homemade thick noodles also is delicious.

It is in the noodles also put soup is not salty.

Thank you for the meal. By the way, Their most popular menu is “oil noodle”.


Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture root 462 Higa Building 1F
From JR Joban Line “Matsudo” station (east exit), 4-minute walk

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Meet Japanese Freinds



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