Ramen Yamaoka-ya/Soy source Ramen

Yamaoka-ya is a nationwide chain of ramen shops. It is often located along main streets in the suburbs, rather than in front of busy train stations, and you are sure to see it when you drive away from the city.

The main color is red, and many of the stores have spacious parking lots. And I’d like to point out, for me personally, one of the great features of these stores is that many of them are open 24 hours a day!

Soy source Ramen

As for the main ramen, it is a thick tonkotsu (pork bone) soy sauce ramen with thick noodles. Toppings include nori, spinach, and chashu pork.

The Yamaokaya is working to improve quality through soup workshops.
Yamaokaya’s soup is cooked for four days before it can finally be used as ramen soup.

For those who do not use cars, the Yamaokaya may not be very familiar, but today I believe that the Yamaokaya is an essential part of today’s Japanese society, supporting the truck drivers who support Japan’s logistics.



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