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A famous restaurant with delicious tantanmen noodles located about 2 minutes walk from Kamiyacho Station in the direction of Onarimon.
There is a ticket machine at the back of the restaurant (cash only).
The most popular dish is the soup-less tantanmen (mazesoba).

This restaurant seems to sell golden sesame seeds, and there is a large sign about the benefits of sesame seeds. It says, “Please read this before entering the restaurant.

Soup ramen without soup

The thick, sticky noodles have the numbing spiciness of sansho and raayu, and the sweetness and flavor of minced meat and sesame seeds.

The noodles are thick and well mixed with the soup. The spiciness was 3 spicy, so I thought it would be spicier, but it was just right. I added some raayu (Chinese chili oil), which is available at the table, to make it a little spicier. It was pleasantly numbing. The sesame flavor is very strong and the soupless noodle soup is rich. The thick noodles are very satisfying and quite hearty. After finishing all the noodles, I put in a bowl of half rice, which comes for free during lunch time. The rice is mixed with the soup of the tantanmen and eaten all at once. It is devilishly delicious. I ended up eating quite a bit of it, and it was very delicious.

Free all-you-can-eat Chinese pickles on the table. You can eat this as it is or eat it first with rice.

This Chinese pickles are so delicious. I have never had such a delicious one except at Kin Scorpion, and I wonder if it is homemade or if they get it from somewhere else.

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