【gourmet】I tried to eat a Maru-chan red fox noodle.

I tried to eat a Maru-chan red fox noodle.

Speaking of long-seller cup noodles from Toyo Suisan, Maru-chan “red fox” and “green tanuki” are.
This time, I tried to eat Maru-chan “Red Kitsune”.

This package is familiar.

This is a “red fox udon noodle” that is supported and provides customers with a well-eaten taste and delicious taste of soup. Boasts a rich Kanto-style soup with dried bonito and kelp soup, and a large deep-fried udon noodles and taste. Noodles are smooth, thick udon noodles. Noodle weight 74g. 5 minutes back. The soup is a flavorful and tasteful Kanto-style udon soup with bonito and kelp soup stock. Attached Shichimi chili pepper (parent and child pack). Ingredients are seasoned deep-fried tofu, kamaboko, eggs and green onion.

It features a large thick fried chicken.

Add the powder soup and add hot water. Hm ~ ~ It is a good smell. I like powder soup.

Yes! It’s done!

This has a Japanese-style sweetness that brings a sense of security. The taste of the soup is strong. Which is your favorite choice for Maruchan’s green raccoon dog and red fox?


You can buy some from Amazon Japan

マルちゃん 赤いきつねうどん(東) 96g×12個

(2019/7/12 13:24時点)

Here Rakuten


東洋水産 マルちゃん 赤いきつねうどん 関西 96g×12個 【送料無料】
価格:2407円(税込、送料無料) (2019/7/12時点)



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