【Highway bus】I tried riding on Orion Bus from Nagoya to Tokyo Shinjuku busta in daytime

Where is the platform?

Orion bus WIFI with day time  Nagoya bus I tried to reserve a departure from Nagoya.

[Riding place] Nagoya south Sasashima live platform 1
Boarding place MAP:http://www.bus-ichiba.jp/sp/terminal/route/nagoyaminami/
gathering time: 09: 50 / departure time: 10:00

I have got an email from them like that.

That’s why we will show you how to get to this Nagoya Sasashima Live platform 1.

The easiest way is to exit Nagoya Station G8.

Go up the stairs and turn around. Then go straight to the right. Walk towards Meitetsu Station. If you go straight on this road, you will arrive in about 10 minutes. It’s easy.

On the way there is a tax office.

Yes, I arrived. Sasashima Live is a redevelopment area where there are hotels and live houses.

The LIXIL building can be seen across the road. Since there are bus stops 1 and 2, bus stop 1 is the platform for Orion buses. There is a staff.

I arrived early and I was free so I went to a convenience store on the other side of the Train track. This convenience store has no eat-in space.

I got on the bus. The staff wears the best of these fluorescent colors so you can see immediately.

There was a blanket and a power supply in the bus. It’s a normal bus, isn’t it? WIFI was included, but it was unstable.

There were three breaks on the way. The taking riding time was about 5 hours and little more. It cost only 3000 yen because it was a weekday. Arrival is Shinjuku’s busta. As we can get on JR immediately, it is convenient to arrive at Busta in Shinjuku.

I liked this bus so I would like to use it again.

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Orion bus official website


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