【Nagoya】I stayed at Hamilton Hotel Nagoya!

They are located near from Fushimi Station. I stayed at the Hamilton Hotel Black. They are from exit 6 or 7 of Fushimi Station, but there are many stairs so if you bring lots of luggage in the subway, it will be difficult. There is no escalator. Use the elevator at Exit 1 to walk outside is better.

【Nagoya】I stayed at Grace Inn Nagoya!
Here is a very ordinary business hotel. Here is also convenient to go ...

the outside looks like this. It is near a place like Kabukiza.

The room is a ordinary business hotel. The rooms are very small because the bed is large. The staff response was very impressive.

Most of the amenities are provided.

Very ordinary bath.

not a card key. I leave it to the front desk and go out.

At the happy hours in the evening , you can drink as much as you like. Sounds good. There were people who were using it quite a lot.

There are also cartoons.

Breakfast also had tea pickles.

You can book this hotel here.

Address:Naka Ward Sakae 1-11-17, Sakae, Nagoya, Japan, 460-0008


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