How to get to pusan from Fukuoka,Hakata by JR Kyushu High Speed Boat Beetle

What’s about JR Kyushu High Speed Boat Beetle

The JR Kyushu High Speed Boat Beetle, which connects Fukuoka and Busan, has been in service between Hakata Port and Busan Port since 1991 as a joint venture between JR Kyushu and the Korea Railroad Corporation. It is popular among many Japanese and Korean tourists for its easy overseas travel, which takes only about 3 hours one way.

It takes only 2 hours and 55 minutes from Hakata Port to Busan Port.

Boarding procedures (check-in) and passport control at each port close 30 minutes before departure time.
Please arrive at the terminal well in advance as you will not be allowed to board the ship after the closing time.
During busy times, it may take some time to complete check-in procedures, so please check in at least 45 minutes (Port of Hakata) or 60 minutes (Port of Busan) prior to departure.

Reservations can be easily made through the official website.
It seems that telephone reservations can also be made, but we recommend online reservations as they are by far the most convenient.

There are two types of seats: standard and business.

There are three types of fee structure: BEST, GOOD, and PRIME.

If you have a fixed schedule, make reservations as early as possible.

Fuel surcharge, terminal fee, and international tourist tax are required in addition to the fare.

Beetle Seats

The seating configuration of the Beetle differs between the first and second floors.

For example, window seats ・・・ 3 seats on the first floor, 2 seats on the second floor

The first floor consists of three seats and the second floor consists of two seats.


At the Port of Hakata International Terminal, you must pay a terminal use fee.
There is a vending machine on the left side of the main entrance.

The ticket must be presented together with the boarding ticket when moving to the departure area, so it is necessary to have it on hand.


If you want Whole Japan Rail Pass, first make a ticket reservation!
If you have a discount coupon, you can make a reservation and purchase tickets online at a discount price.

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