All you have to know about Sendai City Bicycle Rental”Datebike”

Have you heard of “Datebike,” a community cycle service available in Sendai City?

It is a service to share bicycles at dozens of ports (bicycle parking lots) in the city, and you can easily make a reservation and ride a bike with your smartphone.

You can borrow or return a bike at any of the ports, and the service is easy and convenient, starting at 165 yen (tax included) per 60-minute ride.

103 yen per hour (103 yen per 30 minutes thereafter), 1,029 yen for a one-day pass

Port Location
See Port Map (PDF)

How to use

There are three ways to use the system: IC card, mobile wallet, or passcode issued each time you use the system.

Pre-registration is required to use the service, so be sure to complete it before going to the bike port.

here to register as a member.

The usage is written in detail on the rear wheel part of the bike.

In Sendai city, the streets are wide, and above all, there are bicycle lanes by the sidewalks.

This time, I rented a bicycle for 60 minutes, and it was very attractive because there is no basic fee for a one-time membership and it only costs 150 yen.

Official site

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