All you need to know about Laview express fares, stops, and how to buy express tickets!

Have you heard of the Laview express train that operates on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line?

In order to realize “a new vehicle never seen before,” we developed the vehicle under the supervision of world-renowned architect Kazuyo Sejima.
The vehicle was developed under the supervision of Kazuyo Sejima, a world-renowned architect.

Laview is Seibu’s new express train, which means “L” for “luxury,” “a” for “arrow,” and “view” from its large windows.

If you’re interested in going to see Chichibu’s shiba-zakura (lawn cherry blossoms), you’ll definitely want to check out this article!

Laview’s Fare

La View trains operate in three different types: “Chichibu” to Seibu Chichibu, “Musashi” to Hanno, and “Dome” to Seibu Baseball Stadium.

The La View is a Series 001 train, and all trains are operated in 8-car formation!

Since it is an express train, an express ticket is required in addition to the train ticket.
Fares are as follows!

Ikebukuro – Tokorozawa
Adult 350 yen + express ticket 400 yen
Child: Fare 180 yen + express ticket 200 yen

Ikebukuro – Seibu Kyujo-mae
Adult Fare 380 yen + Ticket 400 yen
Child Fare: 190 yen + Limited Express Ticket: 200 yen

Ikebukuro – Hanno
Adult Fare 480 yen + Limited Express ticket 500 yen
Child Fare: 240 yen + Limited Express ticket: 250 yen

Ikebukuro – Seibu Chichibu
Adult 790 yen + express ticket 710 yen
Child Fare 400 yen + Limited Express Ticket 360 yen

Tokorozawa – Seibu-Chichibu
Adult 540 yen + express ticket 500 yen
Child Fare 270 yen + Limited Express Ticket 250 yen

If you want to pay a little less for a train ticket, we recommend that you purchase a Seibu shareholder discount ticket at a money store in the Ikebukuro area.

LaView’s stops

There are three types of limited express La View: “Chichibu”, “Musashi”, and “Dome”.

Ikebukuro, Tokorozawa, Iruma City, Hanno, Yokose, Seibu Chichibu, Musashi
Ikebukuro, Tokorozawa, Iruma City, Hanno, Yokose, Seibu-Chichibu *Musashi is up to Hanno

Ikebukuro, Tokorozawa, Seibu Stadium

The Dome-go is a special express train that runs on days when professional baseball is held at Seibu Dome and on major holidays such as summer vacation, so it does not usually run!

How to purchase express tickets for LaView

There are three main ways to make a reservation at LaVue.
I will explain them one by one!

1. Purchase at the station
2.Purchase at JTB
3.Make reservations and purchase on the Internet

Purchase at station

The simplest way to purchase tickets is at the station ticket counter or at an automatic ticket vending machine.
At the counter, you can purchase same-day tickets and advance tickets, and advance tickets can be purchased from 7:00 a.m. one month prior to boarding!

The counter at the station is open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., but note that the time of sale for same-day express tickets differs from station to station!

On the other hand, automatic ticket vending machines at stations only sell same-day tickets.

Ticket vending machines located outside the ticket gates can purchase express tickets for that day’s express trains, while ticket vending machines inside the ticket gates (the ones located on the station platform) can only purchase tickets for the next coming express.

Purchase at JTB

La View express tickets can also be reserved and purchased at travel agency JTB stores!

Tickets are available from one month before to one day before boarding.

Reservations and purchases made online

There are two ways to do this on the Internet.

1. Make a reservation on the Internet and purchase a ticket at a station or ticket vending machine.
2. Make a reservation and purchase a ticket through a ticketless service (Smooz) and ride without a ticket.

To make reservations online and purchase tickets at stations or ticket vending machines, follow the steps below!

①Register as a member at Seibu’s reservation service
2) Log in and select your desired train and make a reservation.
③Purchase at the station ticket counter or ticket vending machine
Board the designated train.

You can make a reservation up to 30 minutes before the departure time! Purchases can be made up to 10 minutes before departure.

Here is how to book and purchase a ticketless ride through the ticketless service (Smooz).

①Register as a member on the Smooz page
②Register your credit card after logging in
③Purchase reserve points to reserve an express train
④Select your desired train
⑤ Board the train ticketless!

You can purchase tickets until just before the train departs!

Accumulated points are roughly speaking like prepaid points, and if you pay 1000 yen from your credit card, you can exchange them for 1000 points to make a purchase.

The common thing with internet reservations and purchases is that you need to register as a member, but in the case of Smooz, you can select the seats of the train you will be riding!

How to book Seibu Railway's Limited express train Laview from Ikebukuro
What is Laview? "Laview", which appeared as a successor to Seibu Rail...

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