【Sightseeing】Directions from JR Tokyo Station to the Imperial Palace

Directions from JR Tokyo Station to the Imperial Palace

This time, we will introduce you the way from JR Tokyo Station to “Imperial Palace”. Since the main gate of the Imperial Palace is a gate through which ordinary people can pass only special days such as New Year’s General Staffing Day or Emperor’s Birthday General Staffing Day, ordinary days are not opened.

This time We will show you the way to Imperial Palace. You go out the ticket gate from Marunouchi central exit of JR Tokyo Station. Today It was crowded as it was the first day of the Reiwa era. There was also a curtain for celebrate it.

Go straight ahead at the station square. The right building is the Shinmaru Building and the left is the Marunouchi Building. It is straight from Marunouchi central ticket gate anyway.

Anyway you go straight, then arrive. It’s easy.

You will see the main entrance to the Imperial Palace by going to the left.

that’s all. It’s easy. Please see as your reference. By the way, you can go through the underground passage. It is complicated, but I think that you can look at the information board.

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