【Access】How to go to Toyoko inn Narita airport


Toyoko Inn is a well known hotel chain with over 200 hotels located throughout Japan. There is a Toyoko inn Narita airport as well.

How to go to Toyoko inn Narita airport. Go to terminal 2 1F central exit.


Go to 31B bus stop. There is a free bus operating to Toyoko inn.



This is the time table.



Check-in & Check-out Time:

  • Check in is at 16:00. You may check in prior to 16:00 but are not allowed access to your room until 16:00.

  • Check out is at 10:00.  Payment is required at check-in.


Toyoko inn Narita airport

Address: Japan, 〒286-0106 Chiba Prefecture, Narita, Tokko, 560

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