【shopping】Shibamata trip

Start at Shibamata Station, which features a statue of Tora-san in the plaza. He is the  Tora-san!

The name of the city is eventually made famous in the film called “男はつらいよ”. Since the original film was released in 1969, 48 stories had hit the screen in 26 years. Tora-san is the main actor in that movie.


The 200-meter-long path between Shibamata Station and Taishakuten Temple retains the nostalgic charm of years gone by.

【shopping】Ameyoko Market
Ameyoko Market is one of the best Asian Bazaars in Tokyo. Here is a g...

The small shops and restaurants have the old Edo feel and you find you’re never sure if they’re real or just part of an old movie set.

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At the end of the road you’ll arrive at the entrance to Taishakuten, a Nichiren Buddhist temple dating back to 1629.

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You can rent this human car.  very cute isn’t it?
If you are crazy for Japanese goodies, must drop in a candy/toy store Haikara Yokocho at the first corner of Taishakuten street. Must be surprised at seeing the wide variety and the value.

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How to get to the Shibamata

Keisei Shibamata Station:
3 minutes on the Kanamachi Line from Keisei Takasago station.
Hokuso Shin-Shibamata:
2 minutes on the Hokuso Line from Keisei Takasago station.
All the places introduced here are within 5 to 10 minutes on foot.

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