【Shopping】How to get to Kappabashi Tool Town

How to get to Kappabashi Tool Town

This is the way to Kappabashi Tools Town. You can walk from JR Ueno Station Asakusa exit. It’s about 15 minutes on foot. By the way, the nearest station is subway Ginza line “Taharacho Station” or “Kasukuba Express” Asakusa Station “.

Go straight on Asakusa-dori. There is a signboard on the way. Furthermore There is a  map.I feel relieved.

Arrived. kappabashi Tool Town is a tool town that has continued since the Taisho Era. Here is an instrumental area with over 170 equipment shops.

The shop were closed because it was Sunday. I felt sorry. Here has became famous as a tourist destination, but basically here is a wholesale area, so there are many shops that are not open on Saturdays and Sundays, and opening hours are short, so be careful.

The food sample goods specialty store “maizuru” is famous here.

Address and map

Taito Ward Matsugaya 3-18-2

Official homepage

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