【Access】How to get to Fabric Street, Nippori Textile Town

How to get to Fabric Street, Nippori Textile Town

Nippori Textile Town is a town that is popular among foreigners. It has become a popular city among foreigners due to its low price and abundant selection.

Official website
Download the “Nippori Textile Town Map” from here. They are also distributed at Nippori Station, shops of textile street, police box and so on.
They are located from JR Yamanote Line Nippori Station South ticket gate.It takes 3-minute walk. When you leave the south ticket gate, there is a signboard and a road surface indication (there is also a road surface indication from the north ticket gate) on the route to Nippori Textile Town.

You can also see the “Nippori Textile Town” monuments and “Flag”.

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In Nippori Textile Town, there are many wholesale shops with many fabrics. The length of the shopping street is about 1km, and more than 80 shops are concentrated.

Not only cloth, but also leather, decorative materials, and miscellaneous goods are here.

In order to buy various fabrics and materials, Here become a textile town where people from a wide range of genres, such as those who love handicrafts to professional designers.

Here is the only Liberty print specialty store [clothing specialty store, Pakira] in Nippori Textile Town. Liberty print refers to the whole fabric covered with peony and so on. Hundreds of these Liberty print fabrics are available, and some are limited. This shop is recommended for those who like Liberty print.

You can download the Nippon Textile Town Map from the Nippori Textile Town official website.

Address and map

Near Netherori 6-chome, Arakawa Ward, Tokyo

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