All you have to know about Tokyo Share Cycle

What is Tokyo Share Cycle?

As the name suggests, a shared bicycle service is a service in which bicycles are shared. There are multiple locations within a defined area where bicycles can be rented and returned whenever you like.

Unlike a bike rental service, a key feature of a shared bicycle service is that you can return a bike to a shared bicycle location even if it is not where you rented it. For example, you can rent a bicycle at a location near your home, travel to the station, and return the bicycle to a location near the station.

Many of the bicycles available for rent are high-quality electrically power assisted bicycles, which can make transportation very convenient, even in areas with many hills.

Here is a map of shared cycle ports in the Tokyo area for the three major shared cycle companies, LUUP, docomo Bike Share, and Hello Cycling.

LUUP: Port Map

docomo Bike Share: Port Map

Hello Cycling: Port Map

The fees for each are as follows


Basic charge: 50 yen
Time charge per minute: 15 yen

Hello Cycling

First 30 minutes: 130 yen
Every 15 minutes thereafter: 100 yen

docomo Bike Share

First 30 minutes: 165 yen
Every 30 minutes after that: 165 yen

In the case of Tokyo area

Bicycle insurance is also automatically enrolled.

All bicycles are pre-installed with bicycle insurance, so users do not need to purchase bicycle insurance or pay premiums each time they ride, and they can rest assured that they are covered in case of an emergency.

How to share service?

There are two main ways to rent a bicycle.

One is to pre-register your IC card as a membership card and hold it over the operation panel of the bicycle. The other is to obtain a 4-digit passcode and enter it into the operation panel each time you use the bicycle.

If you would like to avoid the hassle of receiving and entering a passcode each time you use the system, it is convenient to register your Suica or Pasmo card as a membership card in advance.

In addition, if you apply for the service at a manned counter at a sightseeing spot or travel destination, you will be issued a special IC card to be returned after use for a one-time use, and you can use the service by touching the card on the operation panel.

If you wish to use the service after registering as a member, select the area you wish to use and choose a plan and other details.
Reservations can be made 20 minutes prior to the desired time of use, and are available 24 hours a day in some areas.
Search for a port near the location you wish to use and make a reservation.
To use the reserved bicycle, simply press and hold the START button on the bicycle operation panel for card touch.

The time calculation for fee calculation will start with the unlocking of the bike.

If you wish to use the bicycle by entering a passcode, enter the passcode issued at the time of reservation into the operation panel to unlock the bicycle.

If you want to temporarily park the bicycle during use, manually lock the rear wheel key just like a regular bicycle.

Members will receive a cell phone e-mail notifying them that the bike is locked, so they can rest assured knowing that the bike is securely locked.

When you start riding again, hold the IC card over the bicycle control panel in the same way as when you started using the bicycle, instead of using the rear wheel key, or enter the passcode issued when you started using the bicycle.

When you return the bicycle after use, park it at the port and lock the rear wheel manually.

Press the ENTER button on the control panel, and when the return message appears, you have finished using the service.

Members will receive a return e-mail to their cell phone e-mail, so they will know for sure that the bike has been returned.

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