How much does it cost and how to make reservations for the SL Yamaguchi-go? All you need to know about SL Yamaguchi

SL Yamaguchi-go (SL Yamaguchi-go) is a special rapid train operated by West Japan Railway Company (JR West) between Shin-Yamaguchi Station and Tsuwano Station on the Yamaguchi Line.

The name of the train was simply “Yamaguchi” in the timetables when the service first started, but from 2001 onward, the name of the train is “SL Yamaguchi-go”, which includes “SL” and “No.” in the train name.

The train ride is different from a train ride, making the trip even more enjoyable!

I actually rode on the SL Yamaguchi-go, so I will report on the ride, how to get a ticket, and the fare!

How to reserve tickets for the SL Yamaguchi

Tickets and reserved seats for the SL Yamaguchi can be reserved from 10:00 a.m. one month prior to the boarding date.

Reservations can be made online (JR Kyushu Net Reservation or JR West e5489) or at the JR Midori-no-Madoguchi ticket counter.

Since online reservations only show seat availability, it is better to make reservations in person at the ticket counter if you want to reserve a seat.

Fees for the SL Yamaguchi

The SL Yamaguchi-go runs from Shin-Yamaguchi Station to Tsuwano Station and back.
Click here for fares at major stations.

Shin-Yamaguchi – Yuda Onsen: 770 yen (380 yen for children) for a standard reserved seat, 1020 yen (900 yen for children) for a green car

Shin-Yamaguchi – Nagato Gorge – ordinary reserved seat 1210 yen (600 yen for children), green car 1460 yen (1120 yen for children)

Shin-Yamaguchi – Tsuwano, ordinary reserved seat 1,700 yen (840 yen for children), green car 2,170 yen (1,580 yen for children)

Inside the SL Yamaguchi

The interior of the Yamaguchi is very clean, and each reserved seat is equipped with a power outlet.

It is also equipped with an LCD monitor, which is quite high-tech for a train!

You can get a commemorative train pass when you board the SL Yamaguchi.

How long is the service in operation?

SL Yamaguchi-go is basically operated on holidays (Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays)

However, sometimes the SL Yamaguchi does not run even on holidays, so please check the SL Yamaguchi’s operation calendar for details!

The SL Yamaguchi-go is a special train that makes only one round trip per day.

Shin-Yamaguchi Station 10:50 → Tsuwano Station 12:59

Return: Tsuwano Station 15:45 → Shin-Yamaguchi Station 17:30

The timetable is fixed!

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