How to book Sunrise Seto / Izumo ticket

Sunrise Seto / Izumo, one of the sleeper express trains

This is a sleeper limited express that connects Tokyo-Takamatsu and Tokyo-Izumo, and currently this is the only regular sleeper limited express in Japan!

Although it is a valuable sleeper train nowadays, it is a special vehicle called a sleeper train, so the way to purchase and reserve tickets is different from Shinkansen and express trains.

This time, I will explain specifically how to book Sunrise Seto / Izumo.

How to book Sunrise

Tickets are purchased at a Midori no Madoguchi

Sunrise Seto / Izumo cannot reserve tickets (tickets) by online reservation.

Limited express trains on the Shinkansen and conventional lines can be booked from the reserved seat vending machine at Station or online, but in the case of Sunrise, they will be purchased at a Midori no madoguchi in principle.

If you want to buy tickets, you have to go to the counter of the station, tell the boarding date and time and the boarding section, and buy the ticket.

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Train reservations can be made one month prior to the boarding date, but Sunrise tickets are so popular.

If you’re traveling to Sunrise, make an appointment as soon as you’ve decided on a business trip or trip.

Please note that Sunrise is a train that goes to your destination over the date, so pay attention to the date when purchasing your ticket.

For example, if you want to travel from Tokyo to Izumo on Sunrise on January 10, you need to purchase a Sunrise ticket on January 9 the day before.

Even if you change your schedule after purchasing a ticket, you can get a refund up to two days before the train departure for a fee of 330 yen.

Book at a travel agency

Sunrise Seto / Izumo is sold as a tour product at some travel agencies (Kinki Nippon Tourist).

In principle, Sunrise tickets cannot be booked online, but you can only book online if you apply for a tour with a travel agent

Tours must be booked at least one month early, but all travel arrangements are made by the travel agent, eliminating the hassle of purchasing tickets.

Check availability by phone

If you don’t have time to go to Midori no madoguchi, you can also call them for availability.

Contact information is as follows.

JR East Telephone Center

・ Phone number: 050-2016-1600
・ Business hours: 6:00 to 24:00

JR West Customer Center

・ Phone number: 0570-00-2486
・ Business hours: 6: 00-23: 00

Summary: Tickets can only be purchased at green counters

Sunrise reservations can only be booked in two ways, either by purchasing a ticket at a Midori no Madoguchi or by applying for a tour with a travel agent.

If you want to specify the boarding date, section, type of sleeper, etc. in detail, purchase at the Green window.

If you want to use it for multiple people and want to ride the sunrise for the time being, we recommend using the sunrise tour at “Kinki Nippon Tourist“!

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