How to get on Kagoshima City Tram

Kagoshima City Tram is a streetcar operated by Kagoshima City.

A variety of streetcars are in operation, including the “U-Tram,” a low-floor car with a comfortable ride, the “Denden,” a Hakuma Kurobuta train, the “Next Tram Chirico,” a car with a motif of Satsuma facets, and the “Cafetram,” a private tramcar for rent.

In 2010, a “lawn mower and water sprinkler tram” was created by converting a tram, which is rare in the world, and the city is actively engaged in greening and maintenance of the city.

Japan’s southernmost stop

The Kagoshima City Tram is the southernmost streetcar in Japan. Therefore, it has the southernmost stop in Japan!

Kagoshima City Tram Major Ridership and Fares

Kagoshima City Tram Fares and Main Stops

Kagoshima City Tram Fares Adults: 170 yen, Elementary school students and under: 80 yen

How to pay: Ride through the door in the middle of the train and put the money into the fare box in front of you when you get off the train.

(Please note that change is not given out, so be careful when putting it in.)

Kagoshima Chuo Station ⇒ Tenmonkan Dori (about 8 minutes): toward Tenmonkan and the bronze statue of Takamori Saigo

Kagoshima Chuo Station ⇒ Aquarium Exit (approx. 14 mins): Sakurajima Ferry, Kagoshima Aquarium

The ferry runs every 6-7 minutes except early morning and late at night. Hours of operation are from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (see the timetable for details).

Please look at the destination sign on the train to make sure you are getting on the right train.

The train with the destination 1 (first line, blue back) does not go to Chuo Station.
The train with destination 2 (second line, red background) goes via Chuo Station.

one-day ticket

A one-day pass for streetcars, city buses, and City View is available for 600 yen for adults and 300 yen for children (as of November 1, 2022). If you only use the streetcar, you can get your money’s worth in four rides. The City Bus and Kagoshima City View also offer unlimited rides on all lines.


Various types of vehicles are running. The new “U-Tram” cars have low floors and no steps. There are also three different types of U-Trams, each of which is different from the others. There are many trains in operation, so it is interesting to buy a one-day pass and compare the different types of trains.

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