How to get on Kumamoto city tram

Kumamoto tram is a streetcar that runs in Kumamoto City. It is an advertising tram, and colorful wrapped trams run through the streets of Kumamoto. The colorful wrapped streetcars run through the streets of Kumamoto, and when you see them, you can’t help but feel nostalgic.

There are five train lines and two operating systems that can take you to various sightseeing spots in Kumamoto. The fare is the same no matter how far you ride, so it is easy to understand, simple, convenient, and popular. A 500 yen one-day pass for adults is also available for sightseeing.

The one-day pass also offers discounts at tourist spots. You can buy them at the tourist information center at Kumamoto Station. It is very convenient to just ride the train all the way through Kumamoto, as it will take you to all the sightseeing spots. You can get off the tram whenever you feel like getting off, and the next train will be right there, making the Kumamoto tram an indispensable means of transportation for sightseeing in Kumamoto.

In winter, it is said that you will be lucky if you find one of the illuminated cars. To get to the Kumamoto Tram, you can get on at any of the stations, but the first train leaves from Kumamoto Station.

How to charge IC cards

If you want to charge, offer it to the tram driver.

Be sure to ask when the tram is stopped at a red light.

Please note that only 1,000 yen bills can be charged, and only up to 5,000 yen can be charged.

Press the “get off” button when you are told where to get off.

When an announcement is made in the train, press the “get off” button.

The buttons are located next to your seat or near the strap, so press the button closest to you.

If someone else presses the button, you do not need to press it.

When you stop at the stop where you want to get off, move forward.

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