How to get to Iriomote Island Uehara Port Ferry Terminal

About Iriomote Island Uehara Port Ferry Terminal

This terminal is a lively place where tourists from Ishigaki Island and islanders’ daily commodities are handled and diving boats dock.
and diving boats dock here. There are ticket offices and stores of two shipping companies, and supermarkets, gas stations, restaurants, guest houses, and general stores around the port.
restaurants, guest houses, general stores, etc. are located around the port. Car rental and activity tour pick-up and drop-off services are also available here.
A bus stop is conveniently located at the terminal exit.

How to get there

The two ferry companies operating ferries to and from Uehara Port operate their own shuttle buses. You can only use the shuttle bus operated by the ferry company you are using. Only one shuttle bus can be used per ferry trip.


There is a store (Yurimina), toilets, and a ticket office, and the waiting area is not so large, but it is not so common that there is no place to sit down. When the time for the boat to come in approaches, the cars for pick-up and drop-off arrive one after another, and the people who board the boat and the staffs of the inns and tours who came to pick up the passengers also gather. The boats from Ishigaki bring not only tourists but also various goods including food, so the islanders who come to pick up these goods are also mixed in, and the place suddenly becomes bustling with people. I like this atmosphere because it is full of the feeling of a remote island.


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