How to get to Ocean Expo Park

About Ocean Expo Park

Ocean Expo Park is a large park, no charge, inside the Oceanarium and some other pavilions to charge, but really the Oceanarium is still relatively small, in addition to the famous 8-meter-long fish, if you want to visit each pavilion, you have to take the park’s ferry, or walk too tired, the park is too big, it is really worth bringing children, and children like the dolphin show.

How to get there

424, Ishikawa, Motobu, Kunigami District, Okinawa Prefecture 905-0206日本


Free of charge


The most popular Okinawa attraction, the beautiful sea aquarium that we are familiar with, is actually inside a very large marine bo park. The whole park, including the dolphin show, emerald beach, botanical garden, various sea lion and walrus turtle houses, etc. are all free of charge, only the beautiful sea aquarium requires a ticket to enter.

The white and green plants outside the turtle house are said to be unique to Okinawa! Not far away, there is a place to raise newborn baby turtles, and the keeper is a big handsome guy! Don’t miss it when you go!

On our last trip to Okinawa, it can be said that Ocean Expo Park left the deepest impression on us, especially the dolphin show, Kuroshio no Kai. It is no wonder that this place has become a landmark tourist attraction in Okinawa. So this time we decided to go again.

We changed our itinerary a bit from last time, this time we played inside the museum first and then came out to see the dolphins.

After entering the museum, of course, the first thing to play is still close contact with marine life, soft starfish and sea cucumbers can inspire children more love.

There are also colorful and beautiful sea creatures come and go, each window is a different beauty.


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