How to get to Manzamou

About Manzamou

The Manzamou is like the elephant trunk of the stone, is a sign that everyone who has been there will shoot, very many people, and then there is a very large lawn, now protected, people can not enter the lawn, like this side is the sea, the other side is a large lawn scenery is really not seen, there may only be this one, there is a lot of wind, it is difficult to take a picture that can see the face of the photo, but if the kind of wearing The flowing skirt, photo is very good, the scenery is still very beautiful, is too many people, the scenic area is free, this is great , slowly take pictures after shopping, 40 minutes enough, not very big, but the scenery is really beautiful, well worth a visit.

How to get there

From Naha Airport, take bus No. 20 or 120 and get off at the “Ena-mura Yakuba-mae” stop, then walk in the direction of the bus, turn left at the first traffic light, and go straight for 600 meters (there are parking lots and souvenir stores on the way). It takes about 20 minutes on foot.


Free of charge


The weather has not been the best when we were in Okinawa, and this was the closest place to see the sea for our whole trip, so we were really fascinated by the blue to turquoise water! Luck was really good, the morning has been big sun, until we reluctantly left the elephant trunk that point to start looking at the cliffs of Manza Mao other, the sun was blocked by a large cloud…

Highly recommend the pastry store by the bus stop!!! Because I don’t want to waste time looking for a particular store to eat, the food aspect in addition to the circle a few specialties did not see more. When it came to lunch time, I didn’t see any restaurants nearby, so I had to go into the bakery on the side to have something to eat while waiting for the bus.

The name of the store: Miya Honpo seems to be a bit famous, and the name of the product seems to be Ryukyu Miya Ball. I’ve never had such bread before, and it smells great even when it’s cold, and the taste is really too delicious! As a cake pie I also want to call for it! Friends who have studied pastry products also press praise.

The second day to Okinawa went to Manza Mao, the bus is quite easy to reach, only a little far from Naha to sit for about an hour and a half. The spot is very small very small, there are about three or four suitable for taking pictures. The scenery is good, but the car ride so long to see so small scenery is a little hard. There is almost no support, take the bus to walk the road is through a small village.


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