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About Yaedake

Yaedake cherry blossom viewing. Originally booked Okinawa, only for holiday considerations, and then design the trip, only to find just in time for the cherry blossom festival in Okinawa, the cherry blossom flowering period is very short, about only 2 weeks, due to weather reasons, the time is not quite the same every year, this year we just happened to catch up, so happy, but because we have to go to too many places, so can not stay too long, rushed through, most of the photos are Most of the photos were taken while driving, so some blurred, but the feeling is still there.

Both sides of the road full of cold scarlet cherry, along the winding mountain road, if we can more time to slowly walk down will be more beautiful.

How to get there

Take bus No. 76 from Nago Bus Terminal and get off at Yaedake Entrance Station after about 35 minutes, and walk along the sightseeing signs for about 20 minutes.


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【Overview】 Mt. Yaeyake is 438 meters high, but the route is rather winding. There are many trails that go up to the top of the mountain.

Flowering time】The mountain blooms from mid-January to early February every year.

[Transportation] In addition to chartered buses, there is only one bus, No. 70, at the entrance of Yaeyue Mountain, and there are only five round trips per day with long intervals. There are only five round trips per day with long intervals.

Time] We started climbing from the foot of the mountain and took photos all the way to the top 500m, which took about two hours. The descent took a little less than an hour.

Recommended photo spots

Yaedake mountain entrance to 3.5km, Yaedake 1.5km to 0.5km section, most of the cherry blossom scenery are the same, if physical strength is limited, cherry blossom situation is written 7 separate, from the entrance to 3.5km less than the place is very beautiful, do not need to go up again. Different scenery at least to go up to 1km again. There are distance signs on the mountain, please see the travelogue for details.

For Dining,There is a Rosen at the bus drop-off point, and one or two small restaurants nearby. There are also stalls halfway up the mountain.


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