【Naha】I stayed at Guest House Naha Umikaze

Where is it located?

It is just a short walk from Kencho-mae Station and has the best accessibility. The exterior of the guesthouse looks like this.

I think this is the lowest price among guesthouses.

The front desk is located on the second floor. The door is opened at night with a password. The attitude of the front desk staff was not very good.

The room was on the 5th floor, but there is no elevator, so we took the stairs.
If you have a lot of luggage, you can use the luggage lift.
I had a suitcase, but they ignored me and I had to lift it up the stairs.

Put your shoes here.

There is a lounge on the second floor. Vending machines are also available. You can use the lounge before and after check-in/out.

Cartoons are also available.

The room looks like this. Amenities are charged separately.

The bed curtains are transparent, so light comes in.

Shower is good.

The name of the room is Sea Creatures.

I stayed at Whale Shark.

Impressions and Summary

Wi-fi is too slow. It may speed up temporarily, but it doesn’t last a minute.


Reservations can be made here.


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