How to get to Heiwa Prayer Statue

About Heiwa Prayer Statue

Located on the north side of Peace Park, it was designed by the famous Japanese sculptor Kitamura Nishimitsu and built on August 8, 1955, the 10th anniversary of the bombing.

How to get there

9 Matsuyama-cho, Nagasaki 852-8118, Japan

Take a streetcar bound for Akasako, get off at the Atomic Bomb Museum stop, and walk about 5 minutes.
Nagasaki Electric Railway Co.

Local buses
Take the bus bound for Nameishi, Tokitsu, Nagayo, or Menoto, get off at the Hamaguchi-cho stop, and walk about 5 minutes.

Nagasaki Prefectural Bus
Nagasaki Bus


A walking tour of the site has meaning for the Japanese and no special meaning for us foreigners.

The tragedy of war, the desire for peace, and the lessons of history are all evident in the center of the atomic bombing.

The sculpture’s right hand pointing to the sky symbolizes the horror of the A-bombing, the left hand flat out symbolizes the prayer for stability and peace, the bent right leg symbolizes meditation that is stillness, the erect left leg symbolizes relief that is movement, the strong body symbolizes divine power, the kind expression symbolizes God’s love and Buddha’s compassion, and the gently closed eyes are praying for the sacrificial victims.

Remember that it was rainy, the weather was just slightly a hot slightly cooler, from time to time raining, came to this statue to stay a picture!

A statue is nothing special

If this peace prayer statue in Heiwa Park represents peace, I think it is better to say that this statue represents the meaning of getting even between the Japanese and the Americans. From the action of this statue, it is more like the meaning of writing off and not pursuing each other. And one foot on the seat, one foot on the ground, it is clear that the Japanese attitude with the stance to sit down and talk.


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