How to purchase tickets and fares for the Limited Express Romance Car “Fuji-san-go

Mt.Fuji on the right if departing from Shinjuku, or on the left if departing from Odawara or Hakone-Yumoto.
MtFuji from more than half of the guest rooms, and you can also enjoy beautiful early morning views that differ from those during the day.

Since the train crosses between lines of other companies, the method of obtaining a ticket is a bit complicated, so we will explain that as well.

What is the Limited Express Romance Car “Fuji-san-go?

The “Fuji-san-go” is a Romance Car that connects Shinjuku Station on the Odakyu Line and Gotemba Station on the JR Gotemba Line.

The trip takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes, and it uses a blue MSE Romance Car!

Until 2018, it was called “Asagiri,” so many of you are probably more familiar with that one!

Limited Express Fuji-san Stops and Fares

Limited Express Fuji-san stops at Shinjuku, Shinyurigaoka, Sagami-Ono, Hon Atsugi, Hadano, Matsuda, Suruga-Oyama and Gotemba. Only some limited express Fuji-san stops at Suruga Oyama.

We’ll summarize the fares from the main stations for you!

Shinjuku – Gotemba: Train ticket 1,300 yen + limited express ticket 1,610 yen
Sagamiono – Gotemba: 980 yen for a train ticket + 1,510 yen for a limited express ticket
Hon Atsugi – Gotemba Ticket 860 yen + Limited Express ticket 1360 yen

Use the ticketless service for the limited express Romancecar, and you get a 50 yen discount on the limited express ticket!

How to buy tickets for the limited express Fuji-san

If you want to ride the limited express Fuji-san, you can basically buy a ticket at Odakyu’s limited express ticket vending machine.

The problem is when you buy only a boarding ticket.

If you want to ride the Romancecar, you might buy only the limited express ticket in advance through online reservation (e-Romancecar), don’t you?

In this case, you need to prepare the boarding ticket separately.

In this case, you can buy a ticket for the Odakyu and JR lines at a manned ticket counter.

Just say, “I want to go to Gotemba, so please give me a ticket to Gotemba.

How to take the limited express Fuji-san at a discount

I will also tell you how to get on the limited express Fuji-san at a discount.

In conclusion, please buy “Odakyu shareholder discount tickets” & “Matsuda to Gotemba tickets”.

You can buy Odakyu shareholder’s discount tickets at a ticket store near terminal stations such as Shinjuku Station.

The “Matsuda-Gotemba ticket” can be purchased from a JR ticket machine. This is the kind of ticket.

Odakyu shareholder discount tickets vary depending on the time of year, but here is an example of the 520 yen ticket I bought.

Shinjuku – Shin-Matsuda (Odakyu)
Normal 790 yen → 520 yen for shareholder discount ticket

Matsuda – Gotemba (JR)
Normal 510 yen

Shinjuku – Gotemba (express fare)
Normally 1560 yen

There is no way to get a discount on JR train tickets and limited express fares, but I was able to save 270 yen one way just by buying a shareholder’s discount ticket!

Please try it!

Note when getting off at Gotemba Station

If you are getting off at Gotemba Station, there is something you need to remember!

That is, people who have taken the limited express Fuji-san from within the Odakyu Line cannot go through the automatic ticket gates.

So how do you get out? You have to settle your bill at the counter next to the ticket gate where there is a station attendant.

Gotemba Station is a JR Tokai station, and Suica and PASMO cannot be used.

Those who ride from JR East stations can use the automatic teller machine, but those who ride from within the Odakyu line must line up at the counter with a station attendant.

Even the set of Odakyu shareholder discount ticket & Matsuda to Gotemba ticket mentioned earlier must be handed in at the manned counter.

Remember, once you get off at Gotemba, you must go to a window with a station attendant!

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