Kintetsu New Meihan Limited Express “Hinotori” GUIDE! How to ride at a discount and more!

Hinotori” is not a sightseeing train. It is a train that connects two major metropolitan areas, Osaka City and Nagoya City. It is the equivalent of the InterCity express trains found in European countries.

Despite this, the train’s attractive interior is designed with other modes of transportation in mind, such as the Shinkansen bullet train and express buses. With the concept of “relaxing upgrade,” the train’s interior has transformed travel time into a relaxing experience that satisfies everyone who rides it, and is full of brilliant honors.

I would like to report my impressions of riding in the regular seats of the new Hinotori train and its facilities.

Express fare for “Hinotori”. How to get a cheap ride!

The express fare for Hinotori, however, requires a special fare since the capacity has been reduced compared to that of the Urban Liner.

The following is a summary of the fares for the Osaka Namba – Kintetsu Nagoya route.

Seat Classification Ticket Express Fare Total
Regular Seats 2,410yen 2,130yen 4,540yen
Premium seat 2,410yen 2,830yen 5,240yen

For the Urban Liner, there is a Kintetsu Meihan Limited Express Ticketless Discount that offers a 300 yen discount on the limited express fare if purchased one day in advance, but this does not apply to the Hinotori.

Although the limited express fare must be paid at the regular price, it is possible to get a slightly lower fare by purchasing a shareholder discount ticket at a ticket store.

Shareholder special benefit tickets are sold at money stores for about 1,750 yen to 1,900 yen per ticket.

If you can purchase tickets at 1,750 yen per ticket, the total cost, including the regular seat express fare of 2,130 yen, is 3,880 yen, which is less than 4,000 yen.

For the Shinkansen, it costs 5,680 yen for an express reservation, so we recommend “Hinotori” if you want to travel cheaply and comfortably.

Express tickets go on sale at 10:30 a.m. one month prior to the boarding date and can be reserved online.

Kintetsu Hinotori

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