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About Osaka Water Bus Santa Maria

The Santa Maria is a pleasure cruise that departs daily from the west wharf of the Kaiyukan Aquarium. The ship itself is modelled after the ship Columbus used to reach the American continent. Take in the views of the bay on this popular sightseeing cruis

How to get there

Osaka Castle Park (Osaka Castle Port): approx. 3 min walk from JR “Osaka Castle Park Station”, approx. 10 min walk from Keihan/JR “Kyobashi Station”, approx. 2 min walk from “Osaka Business Park Station” on Osaka Metro Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line, ・Minatomachi River Place (Minatomachi Pier): approx. 3-10 min walk from “Namba Station” on each line, ・Tombori River Walk (Taesaemonbashi Pier): approx. 5-10 min walk from “Namba Station” on each line

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It is not often that we get to see the city of Osaka from the water, so it was a very valuable experience. The wind was very comfortable.

You can enjoy a leisurely ride around Osaka Castle on a water bus.
It’s a great way to spend a relaxing time, so why not take advantage of the distraction?


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