Iseshima Liner Iseshima Liner “Deluxe Seat” Ride! Kintetsu Nagoya→Ise City

In this issue, we would like to introduce Kintetsu’s limited express train “Ise-Shima Liner” that runs to Ise Shrine and the Shima Peninsula!

This train departs from and arrives at Nagoya, Osaka, and Kyoto respectively, and is a convenient train if you are going to the Ise area.

「Deluxe Seats」

This time we will take the Iseshima Liner from Kintetsu Nagoya to “Ise-shi Station”!

The Ise-Shima Liner has “deluxe seats” in addition to regular seats.

Deluxe seats are only available on Car 1 and are wider and fluffier than regular seats!

Amazingly, you can sit in this seat for only an additional 320 yen.

All deluxe seats are equipped with an electrical outlet.
The black button on the side is the backrest recline button.

There is also a footrest to stretch out your legs and a table!

Iseshima Liner’s windows are huge.

The Iseshima Liner connects Kintetsu Nagoya and Kenshima Island on the Shima Peninsula.
This time, we will ride it all the way to Ise City!

As you will notice as soon as you board, the Ise-Shima Liner is a train with very large windows.

And the windows are beautiful!

I would like to give you a quick look at what kind of scenery you can see!

First, before Kuwana Station, we will cross the Kiso, Nagara, and Ibi Rivers at once.

After leaving Nagoya, the train runs through a plain called the “Nobi Plain,” through which many rivers flow!

For this reason, the Ibi-Nagara River Bridge, which spans the Nagara and Ibi Rivers, is the longest bridge on the Kintetsu line at 987.2 meters. It’s crazy long….

Incidentally, the “Kisogawa Bridge” over the Kiso River is the second longest!

There are many curves, so the yellow head can be seen clearly.

You can see the smoke coming from the Yokkaichi station area!
That is the smoke from the Yokkaichi industrial complex, an area lined with factories.

Yokkaichi has a lot of factories that make products using petroleum!

It’s quite a sight to see, so please look out the window when you are around Yokkaichi Station!

Open “panoramic space

The biggest highlight of the Iseshima Liner is the “Panorama Space” in the lead car!
It’s made of glass so you can see the whole view from the driver’s seat!

Anyone can enter, so please go and take a look.

Pass the Ise-Nakagawa River, and there’s the Ise Jingu Shrine!

As you can hear in the train announcement, you can see “Saikyu Heian no Mori” along the tracks.

One hour and 20 minutes from Nagoya, we have arrived at Ise-shi Station!

It is said that it is common to visit the Ise Jingu shrines in the order of Outer Shrine and then Inner Shrine, and this Ise-shi Station is the nearest one to the Outer Shrine.

That concludes my report on the Ise-Shima Liner!

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