【Limited Express Azusa】View spots on the Chuo Line that you want to see from the window!

What is Limited Express Azusa?

Azusa is an express train operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East) mainly between Shinjuku Station and Matsumoto Station via Chuo Main Line and Shinonoi Line.

Trains run between Shinjuku Station and Matsumoto Station at a rate of one per hour, up and down. There are also trains to/from Tokyo Station, Chiba Station, and Minamikotani Station.

All regular trains use the E353 series. Note that there are no unreserved seats, and all trains have reserved seats (see below). (Please check the timetable when making reservations or using the service, as stops vary depending on the time of day.

Sunday’s limited express Azusa is crowded.

Most Azusa trains start and end at Matsumoto Station.

Many of you have probably seen the “Matsumoto” sign at Shinjuku Station as well!

Matsumoto is also served by the limited express Shinano to Nagoya!

It is a bit strange to see Nagoya-bound and Shinjuku-bound trains side by side…!

The limited express Azusa is a very frequent train, running every hour during the day.
Depending on the time of day, some trains leave 30 minutes later…

Magnificent Shinshu view from Azusa!

Departing from Matsumoto Station, I am heading for Shinjuku!

The limited express Azusa stops at different stations depending on the train, but the Azusa No. 38 I am on is a train that stops at very few stations.

The train I am on, Azusa No. 38, is a fast Azusa that stops only at Kami-Suwa, Chino, Kofu, Hachioji, and Tachikawa after this.

It takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes to get to Shinjuku!

After passing Shiojiri Station, the tracks separate for Tokyo and Nagoya!

You can catch a glimpse of Lake Suwa before the next Kamisuwa Station!
By the way, if you want to see Suwa Lake with gusto, go to “Tateishi Park” in Suwa City.

The Chuo Line is a mountain line that runs through the mountains, so there are many curves to the right and left.

It is famous as a spot where you can take pictures of trains going around the curves.

Fuji on the side, and off to Shinjuku!

As we enter Yamanashi Prefecture, Mt. Fuji comes into view!

As we enjoy the view of Lake Suwa and Mt. Fuji, we’ve arrived in Kofu!

We arrived safely at our last stop, Shinjuku!
It was a quick 2-hour and 30-minute trip….

Please take the Azusa to the Shinshu region, including Suwa and Matsumoto!

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