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What is Shimojima?

Shimojima is a trading company specializing in packaging products, store decorations, office supplies, etc. It is also a well-established company that will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2020.

In addition to offering a wide variety of packaging products, Mojima is developing various businesses, including paper products, chemical and packaging supplies, and store supplies.

Many of its original products are also popular.

Shimojima is well known in Asakusabashi, but it also has a location in Matsudo.

If you go from Kita-Kogane Station on the Joban Loop Line toward National Route 6, you will find it before Route 6.

It is a little more than a 10-minute walk.

If you are coming from No. 6, it is just after the road to the station. The exterior looks like this. Free parking is available.

It is very convenient because it offers a wide variety of materials.

Compared to Asakusabashi, the store is much smaller and the selection in the store is smaller, but the staff will help you with a catalog. The prices are also cheap. It is not so crowded, so you can look around easily.

This is the second floor, where you can find packaging supplies and streamers.

There were also balloons and other things.

I would like to come again because it is quite convenient. I think they are open until 6pm, so if you come at night, be aware that they may be closed.

See you soon!

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