Tokyo must-buy souvenirs! Get those top 10 Tokyo souvenirs to give as gifts!

Tokyo must-buy souvenirs There are so many things to buy in Tokyo, and if you have trouble choosing, you can’t find a single one.

1. Tokyo must-have souvenir: KitKat limited edition flavour

Just like a banana pocky in Thailand, KitKat is irresistible in all regions! In Japan alone, there are around 20 KitKat products, and each year a new limited edition flavour is introduced, giving KitKat lovers a new surprise every time they go to Tokyo! And the packaging is so attractive too!

Where to buy: Kit Kat Chocolatory is available in limited edition (other supermarkets will sell it!)

2.Royce Raw Chocolate

Royce’s raw chocolate comes in several flavours, made with Hokkaido whipped cream and melts in your mouth. The basic flavours are milk, white chocolate, light cocoa, champagne and bitter, with a monthly limited edition flavour (the Japanese are really good at pushing limited editions…). Also, Royce’ chocolate taro chips are a huge hit!

Where to buy: Narita and Haneda Airport

3.Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Sandwich Cake

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory’s sandwiches have long been a popular souvenir in Tokyo. In addition to the classic sea salt cheese flavour, they also come in honey cheese and tomato basil cheese.
Where to buy: Available at all three terminals in Haruka Tower and Narita Keiba

4. Shigemori no Ningyo-yaki

A common Japanese snack, Ningyo-yaki is a popular item at Tokyo Station. Inspired by the bells in Tokyo’s Ginjo Square, it comes in four flavours: matcha red bean, red bean, matcha and sweet potato.

Where to buy: “Mingo Kisho”, 1st floor, Central Access, Kaishachi, Tokyo Station

5.RL Sandwich Muffin

R.L Waffle is the number one ranked souvenir in Tokyo, Japan! It comes in a wide variety of flavours, and each month a limited edition flavour is introduced, so you can buy one box and collect 10 flavours from the Top 10.

Where to buy: R.L Gransta, Tokyo Station

6.Sesame Egg

Tokyo’s sesame egg is a fusion of Japanese fruit and Western cake, with a white chocolate outer layer, a sandwich cake, and a thick, semi-liquid sesame inner layer, you can feel the layers of flavour in each bite.

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7.Yoshinodo Hiyoko

They started out in Fukuoka during the Meiji era, but after they were sold in Tokyo, they became a must-buy souvenir. They have a thin crust and are filled with a bean paste filling (beans called taro), which tastes a bit like mung bean cake.

Where to buy: They can be found at several major JR stations, Tokyo Station and almost all airports.

8.Tokyo An-Pudding

The Tokyo pudding comes in a box of eight, with a paper spoon for the environment, and unlike other puddings, the bottom layer is filled not with caramel but with mashed red beans from Hokkaido! The smooth and creamy egg pudding with the aroma of red beans is really delicious!

Where to buy: Daimaru Department Store 1F inside Tokyo Station (Yaesu North Exit)

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9. Tokyo Honey Biscuits (Tokyo Station Only)

Tokyo Honey Biscuits were voted the number one popular souvenir in 2014! The honeycomb-shaped biscuits are drizzled with honey and baked, making them sweet and crunchy, making them a popular item at Tokyo Station!

Where to buy: “Mingo Kisho”, 1st floor, Central Access, Kaishachi, Tokyo Station

10.Tokyo Banana

I’m sure even those who don’t know much about Tokyo souvenirs will know about it. If you don’t want to queue, you can try the original flavours that are available everywhere!

That’s it! I hope the above list of the top 10 souvenirs in Tokyo will help you to reduce some of the barriers to choice and enjoy your trip to Tokyo!

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