Top10 Popular souvenirs available at Haneda Airport!

When you buy souvenirs before you board your flight at Haneda Airport, we will introduce you to souvenirs that will please your loved ones, family, friends, and colleagues!

Popular souvenirs available at Haneda Airport

N.Y.C.SAND” N.Y. Caramel Sandwich

The “New York Caramel Sandwich”, which has quite a long line at Tokyo Station, is now available at Haneda Airport.

We recommend the 4-pack. Airplane design package only available at Haneda Airport

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Nenrin-ke baumkuchen

The surface is crispy and the flavor is firm and deep.

If you like baumkuchen, this is one you should try!

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Sugar Butter Tree  Butter Sandwich

The 10-packs are simply packaged, so you can buy them for yourself or for home!

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Berne Berne millefeuille

The size of this chocolate is large enough to fill a small stomach firmly.

The millefeuille is coated with chocolate and easy to eat crispy.

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Ginza Tamaya Suitopote Tamago

The “Suito Potato Egg” has become a very popular souvenir staple. It is a sweet potato-like confection made from the finest sweet potatoes, to which butter and cream are added.

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Azabu Karinto

The long-established karinto shop with a history of over 300 years offers a whopping 50 varieties of karinto.

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FURUYA Koganean “Mochi no Dorayaki”

This dorayaki has a strong ex-mochi texture with mochi flour in the dough. The inside is filled with not-too-sweet bean paste. It is made in a half-moon shape, making it easy to eat with one hand.

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Tokyo Hiyoko “Yaki Potato”

It is a carefully crafted sweet potato-like confection that spreads the flavor of sweet potatoes in your mouth. The gentle taste makes it a convenient and classic souvenir for all ages.

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Tokyo Eitaro Sohonpo “Tokyo Peasen

Peasen is a peanut cracker. Tokyo Eitaro Sohonpo uses 100% peanuts produced in Chiba Prefecture and is particular about its crispy texture.

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Toraya “Air Travel”

This is a must-have souvenir item available only at Haneda Airport. The packaging is very particular, and the yokan is wrapped in paper that resembles the beautiful sunset view seen from inside an airplane.

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Pastel “Haneda Hikouki Pudding

This is a very premier souvenir that is only sold for three-day weekends from Friday to Sunday. The pudding is topped with a cup full of cream. On top of that is a cute pudding with a picture of a cocoa powder airplane on it.

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Haneda Airport original “Tokyo Rich Sandwich Green Tea

A savory almond galette sandwiched between richly flavored matcha chocolate is a souvenir original to Haneda Airport. It is sold only at Haneda Airport.

Sales location: Terminal 1, 2nd floor, PIER 4

Tokyo Banana World – Tokyo Banana Castella Maple Flavor

Maple syrup, sponge cake, and banana are perfectly matched in this souvenir available only at Haneda Airport. The moment you put it in your mouth, you will enjoy a subtle banana flavor.

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