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What is MEGA Don Quijote?

The most significant difference between Mega Donki and Donki is that Mega Donki deals in “fresh foods”! When you think of fresh food, you have an image of it being sold in supermarkets, don’t you?

In the same way, Mega Donki stores are lined with refrigerators and freezers, selling meats, vegetables, fruits, frozen foods, and so on.

Food is also quite inexpensive. Especially hamburger bento boxes, which are made with quality meat.
It is just like a “Donki” store.

The store is like a supermarket, not like a regular Donki store with its high prices.
Customers can enjoy shopping in the form of a conversation with the shopkeeper, just like in the old days.
They also sell fish.

They are trying to recreate the bustling atmosphere of the Tsukiji Outside Market in Tokyo.

There is even a crepe shop inside!

There is a large multi-level parking lot inside the store, but there is also a flat parking lot nearby.

It is easier to go there with your family than a regular don Quijote.

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