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What is Yuen Chinese Kitchen?

The concept of “Chinese Kitchen Yuen” is to offer the excellence of Chinese cuisine at a reasonable price with good service so that as many customers as possible can easily enjoy it in their daily lives!

The exterior of the restaurant looks like this. This restaurant is right outside the west exit of Matsudo Station, where the menu offers “Gyoza (Chinese dumplings) 189 yen. The restaurant has been in business for a long time, since 1968. There are three stores in Matsudo City.

As soon as you enter the restaurant, there is counter seating.

Going to the back, there are tables and box seats.

Here is the menu. There are many kinds of dishes and they are very inexpensive. Is this the reason for its popularity?

Set menus are popular.

I had the ramen set, gyoza and mini fried rice. The gyoza was homemade and additive-free, both in the filling and the skin. The skin was thin.

Ramen Set

Smoking is not permitted during lunch hours. Please note.

Kata Yakisoba set meal

I felt that the amount of yakisoba was a little small.

The starchy sauce was very good!

Surprisingly tasty with dumplings!

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