Nanki Limited Express Nanki – Fares, Stops, etc. Explained! This train is the best train from Nagoya to Owase/Shingu!

The name “Nanki” comes from the word for the southern part of the Kii Peninsula, “Nanki”. Since 1996, JR Tokai has been using the “(Wide View) Nanki” for trains operated with newer trains, but as of the March 2022 revision of the timetable, the “(Wide View) Nanki” will no longer be used.

If you’re planning to ride the Nanki Limited Express, or even if you’re planning to go to Mie or Nachi-Katsuura area, please take a look!

Limited Express Nanki Stations

The Nanki Limited Express connects Nagoya to Kii-Katsuura, a distance of about 230 km.
On the way, the train passes through major cities in Mie Prefecture such as Yokkaichi, Tsu, Matsusaka, Owase, and Kumano City.

The train runs across Mie Prefecture!

Here are the stops of the limited express Nanki!

Nagoya, Kuwana, Yokkaichi, Suzuka, Tsu, Matsusaka, Taki-Taki, Mise-Dani, Kii-Nagashima, Owase-Owase, Kumano City, Shingu, Ki-Katsuura

Nagoya – Kii-Katsuura takes about 3 hours and 45 minutes, which is quite a long distance express.

Limited Express Nanki Fare

The Nanki Limited Express has both reserved and non-reserved seats.
There was a green car until a while ago, but it is gone now.

So, here is a summary of the fees for reserved and non-reserved seats between major stations!
And that includes the cost of the train ticket!

Nagoya – Kiinagashima
Non-reserved seat 5010 yen, Reserved seat 5540 yen

Nagoya – Owase
Non-reserved seat 5680 yen, Reserved seat 6210 yen

Nagoya – Kumano
Non-reserved seat 6,450 yen, Reserved seat 6,980 yen

Nagoya – Shingu
Non-reserved seat 7,000 yen, reserved seat 7,530 yen

Nagoya – Kii-Katsuura
Non-reserved seat 7330 yen, Reserved seat 7860 yen

Incidentally, the number of cars on the limited express Nanki varies depending on the number of users.

How to buy express tickets for Limited Express Nanki

You can buy limited express tickets for the limited express Nanki either on the Internet or at the station counter.

Internet reservations can be made through JR West’s “e5489” or JR East’s “Ekinet”!

Each requires membership registration, but it is convenient because you can buy tickets with your smartphone!

Both tickets must be issued from a ticket machine, so don’t forget to do so!

I live in Tokyo, so I made a reservation through Ekinetto and issued my ticket at Shinjuku Station.

You don’t need to go to the ticket counter or ticket vending machine.
All you have to do is go to the station and specify the time and seat for the limited express Nanki that you want to take.

What I felt when I rode the limited express Nanki

Here is a quick summary of what I thought after actually riding the limited express Nanki.

The unreserved seats are really crowded.
Surprisingly, you can’t see the sea.
It is difficult to get a good signal from Taki to Kumano.
It is difficult to recover if you are late.
There is a ticket gate in the car even if you have a reserved seat.

Non-reserved seats are crazy crowded.
Only car No. 1 has unreserved seats on the limited express Nankyu.
Whether it is a 2-car or 6-car train, only No. 1 car has non-reserved seats.

If you want to ride, take a reserved seat without hesitation!
Because non-reserved seats are very crowded.

The Nanki Limited Express runs along the Kumano-nada Sea in the section between Kiinagashima and Shingu.

Some of you may think that you can expect to see the sea from the train window….
There are some sections where you can see the sea, but there are not many sections where you can gaze at the sea for a long time.

The route where the limited express Nanki runs has many tunnels…

Because of the many tunnels, the signal tends to be out of range.
In addition, there are many curves, so even if there is a delay, the delay is difficult to recover from.

And lastly, the limited express Nanki has in-train ticket gates.
Even for reserved seats.

Nowadays, conductors do not often come to check tickets for passengers sitting in reserved seats.
However, on the limited express Nanki, there is an in-train ticket gate.

This is a minor detail, but please keep your boarding ticket and designated express ticket in an easily accessible place in advance!

If you have a chance to take the Nanki Limited Express, please refer to this page!

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