【Sightseeing】Directions from the JR Shimbashi Station to the Tsukiji Outer Market

Directions from the JR Shimbashi Station to the Tsukiji Outer Market

Go out from JR Shinbashi Station Ginza exit. go straight ahead as there is an intersection in front of you.

You will see a blue footbridge, so go upstair.

Turn right and go straight.

As it is not 1km away, you will arrive in about 11-2 minutes on foot.

The Tsukiji Outer Market is a popular tourist attraction for foreigners. There are quite foreigners.

This is an all-out market map.

The Tsukiji little Fish Market is a perishable market with about 60 retail stores based on a wholesaler, which Chuo Ward has established in order to continue the liveliness and excitement of Tsukiji for the future even after the relocation of the Tsukiji market.

The Tsukiji Nippon Fishing Port Market has fishermen, fishing cooperatives, fishery co-ops from five production areas, and a Japanese fishery port cafeteria where fishermen can enjoy fish products from all over the country, targeting both business buyers and general customers. Here is a commercial facility.

The Tsukiji fish Market has moved, but this area is still thriving.

Address and official website


Chuo-ku, Tokyo 4-9-9 Tsukiji


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