How to get to Itami Airport(Osaka International Airport)

About Osaka International Airport

Osaka International Airport (hereinafter referred to as “Itami Airport”) is the gateway to the skies of Osaka, with domestic flights arriving and departing from all over Japan. There are various ways to reach Osaka City, including limousine buses, city buses, the Osaka Monorail, Hankyu Railway, Midosuji Subway Line, and cabs.

How to get there

1. Train
If you are using a train, please get off at Osaka Airport Station, which is directly connected to the 2nd floor of the Central Terminal Building of Itami Airport. The distance from the Osaka Airport Station to the North Terminal Building is about 200 meters, and the distance to the South Terminal Building is about 290 meters.

2. Bus
The following types of buses are available to Itami Airport.

Long distance buses

Airport Limousine Bus

Short-distance route buses

Whichever bus you use, you can travel to the front of Itami Airport. If you are heading from Kyoto Station, direct buses operated by Osaka Airport Transportation (official website) are convenient.

If you want OSAKA e-PASS (E-Ticket), first make a ticket reservation!
If you have a discount coupon, you can make a reservation and purchase tickets online at a discount price.

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