【Haneda】Take power at the International Terminal at Haneda Airport.

We introduce you cafes that can be powered by Haneda Airport. They are located at an international terminal building, but located an area before departure.

People who want to charge PCs, smartphones or tablets before arriving on an airplane and those who stay at the airport on arrival late at night are needed this information. Anyway First of all…

(Edo street, Kotomi Alley) where you can charge

One is the Haneda dining hall cafe next to Yoshinoya.
There are power seats like this in the counter seat.

The table seat also has power. They are not too crowded, the counter seats are generally vacant. it’s recommended.

You can also take a power at the Mos Burger next to Yoshinoya. They open 24-hours.

where you can charge in the area 5F before departure (such as an observation deck)

Expasa Cafe Haneda
There are outlet in the counter seats where you can see the plane.

The Place where you can charge in area 1F before departure

PC desk (1F)

The Place where you can charge at area 2F (arrival floor) before departure

PC desk (2F)

Often there are many people using them.

Tully’s Coffee

Charging pole

The Place where you can charge in departure area 3F (departure floor)

PC desk(3F)

Docomo、AU shop

Royal Park Hotel · The Haneda TAIL WIND

The Place where you can charge in the area after departure

Cylinder of the chair

Reclining chair

PC desk (departure area)

Please use it as your reference.

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